What Everyday Carry Means

If you take the “everyday carry” term literally, they are the items that you carry every day wherever you go. And this is usually placed in the bag. These are the things that you tap the pockets for before you go out of the door, the ones you feel lacking or empty without it.

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Prohibited items

Not all people have decided to do an EDC list or an everyday carry list. For women, this sounds like to them something that most women must take, which is in the line of beauty. However, in the realm of men, what EDC means to them is an item or items that they carry around that they can’t live without. EDC is not limited to men alone. Even women can find benefits from it if they are willing to carry them around.

What is the EDC List?

The EDC list is a list of items that you have with you’re almost all the time wherein it aids you at a moment’s notice that deals with daily situations and even being ready to survive in different emergency situations. Such items are designed in aiding for your survival, or they may even be there to help you get safely back home or to a safe location. It can be different items that can be tailored according to your life you live, lifestyle, neighborhood and any possible threats that might happen to you.
The items that you’ll carry ideally are small in both size and number and may even be possible to carry with you on a person without the extra container or bag that you lug around. There are also some people that do prefer to carry the items in a bag specifically designed for the items found in the EDC list. Others prefer to consolidate the kit in few numbers and most flexible ones.

What must be in your EDC list?

First, they are the things that you carry every day. It is important that you review this part for a couple of reasons. First, they usually reveal some of what your day to day needs are. It will give people insight into what kind of every carry needs are going to be. Second, when you are already carrying some items with you, there is no need to replicate its functions or uses anywhere else. Or you may modify one of the items in your list to make a better EDC tool that you need not add another item to your kit. The key to keeping an EDC list is simple, and it should be light in weight, too.
 Wallet – this is where you keep your IDs and cash every day. You can’t leave home without this essential item.
 Keys – it is impossible to go back in your home if you leave your keys in your home. And you don’t want to end up calling for an emergency locksmith.
 Phone – you always have your phone with you to contact the most important people in your life, especially with your family.
 Watch – this is an item that is almost like a default one to have by most people. However, some people don’t wear watches with them, which is why there are those that do not trust people that don’t wear watches.

Items that will help you when running into problems

Do you encounter any problems that can’t be aided with the items listed above? How about the probability of a potential problem that happens during your commute or normal day? Below are some items that may be useful for you.
 Folding knife – to get a proper folding knife, find a guide that will help you get the best one.
 Flashlight – this is extremely helpful when you go out to places where the sun can’t reach. This is especially helpful in the dark.
 Multitool – this is a kind of tool that can do the various tasks. Some of them even call it the Swiss Army Knife.

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