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Our Earth is the most vital part of our well being. But sometime, we homo sapiens fail to realize that it is not only our's but also of all other living beings that reside here. As a Green Flag awarded school, we recently conducted a survey among students to simply check the statistics on the present condition of stray animals, especially cats, in residence localities. It is indeed discouraging to note that the graphs were tremendously shocking. When asked about the number of cats in their locality, most answered that it varied from around 5 to 10, with more occasionally turning up, just to vanish again when garbage dumps were emptied. A few of the more concerned students also added that they would often see a cat or it's younger relative, a kitten, being abused by a group of boys and after a while, so bruised and injured that it eventually died there. Many more saddening facts were revealed, such as, some of the cats having no food to eat at all. In the light of this report, the Our Own Eco Club decided to launch a campaign titled 'Protect The Paws, Save Our Furry Friends' in order to spread cognizance on the miserable conditions of these fellow beings. I urge the residents of the UAE to try and ensure that the stray cats in your area are, if not tended to, at least kept safe from animal abuse.
I love animals. Unfortunately most are endangered! I like so much animals that I've already adopted two; Snow leopard and a Polar bear. Animals surround us and make our planet better. When their endangered, for them, their calling for help,for safety and we need to contribute and help them. That's why I joined WWF so then I can help animals. These creatures are living things like us so we should treat them like humans. I know that sometimes we need to hunt for meat and to survive but who we don't need, we shouldn't leave and not kill. When your older do something to help animals and don't do like most boys that want to be a FOOTBALLER! At which ever chance you've got to help animals, do you're best; for example make drawings, clay animal models, birthday or christmas cards to raise money then send it to WWF so they can use it to help animals. Everyone that reads this needs to remember that animals are very important and they make life better( animals are worth saving!).
Beautiful world
I love animals. When I was very small I used to have a zoo membership and I would go everyday. I always felt that I would love to work with them some day or go and see them in their natural habitat. I love your work and I feel the things you do can change the world. I'm going to adopt a polar bear and a tiger for Christmas. I
Earlier this summer I went on my first ever trip to Scotland. We were surrounded by the most beautiful scenery I had ever seen, mountains, lakes and most of all, trees. These were trees that had lived the most extraordinary lives, they had lived through centuries, decades, millennia. The trees grew through nature's will, their purpose?? Singularly, just to keep growing and stay alive. But together? They formed a unity so strong that it produced the very chemical that we as humans need to survive. However this story has a tragic turn, because this chemical has a harmatia, it is a colourless gas. Now to most that would seem like a simple thing, but unfortunately that simple feature will be the diminishing factor of the trees. In a time which is now forgotten by man, when the world was first starting, the trees and the humans formed an alliance, for they could only survive off the other organism's waste. The agreement was such that the trees would grow and conquer the land for the humans, whilst offering a small level of material for the humans as a resource, to build and to advance within the land. The humans in return, would spread and multiply so that the level of carbon dioxide remained accessible to the trees. Unfortunately, as in many tales, the slither of greed runs through all organisms. Time moved on, and the organisms grew and changed, the humans alliance with the trees allowed them to grow and prosper across the land, and although the trees were visibly frozen, they also stormed across the lands conquering all great heights and climates throughout the world. As the trees grew, so did the human's desire to succeed, for amongst the humans there was a fierce rivalry to have the most power and wealth amidst the humans. And within this fight, the ancient agreement between these two powerful organisms was shattered. And from that moment, humans fled across the lands, choosing to destroy the only source of their life through their malicious greed and desire to claim that they were the greatest. But no human can make this claim, for the humans will soon die out and the trees will be left to rule the earth. So maybe, for the selfish desire to save some of this planet for the future, and to give humans the chance to live and breathe, we should give a little more time to at least put back what we take, to not slash and burn in an opportunity to make some quick money off a cattle farm. Timber is important to our society, but is it worth our lives?
I am an animal lover, always have been, always will be. This however is not solely about saving animals from extinction, it's about keeping the natural world in it's beautiful state. I like to think of it like a game of Jenga, there is a limit to the amount of blocks that can be removed before the whole tower comes crashing down. In the natural world the more animals we take away (because after all it is the action of humans causing their extinction),the more glaciers we melt, the more trees we remove and do not replace, the less able the world will become in sustaining itself. How many more blocks can we afford to take away from the natural world before it all comes crashing down ?
My story has one main point. Is there someone in your life that gives you things, then in times of need asked for things back? Your mum? Or dad? Sister, brother, aunt or uncle? Grandparents? Now apply the situation to nature. Nature gives use food, beauty, amazing super things. And right now, nature is hurting, and it needs every single human being possible to shout out with there voice, and stop people hurting nature. Because after all, nature keeps us alive, isn't it time to return the favour?
Animals mean the world to me they are my best friends and animal like you for who you are and don't judge you
The biggest prize
My name is Sally and I live in Lancashire. Behind my house was an old stone building in the woods there. The land was unused and we planted it as though it was our garden. A few years ago the building was bulldozed and the woods were ruined. Over the last few years we planted wild flowers and trees and tried to reintroduce the wildlife back into the woods. On the 27th May we received a call from our next door neighbours saying they had seen a deer in their garden. it had run down into the woods, so 10-15 minutes later I went down to have a look. I sat down for 10 minutes but i thought it would have run well away from the house. then the roe deer came back!!! It walked towards me and instantly scenced my presence. It did stay for a while but eventually turned and headed back into the woods. The deer was very special for me to see because aside from a hedgehog, various birds and grey squirrels, we hadn't seen anything in our garden that was particularly rare too see there. I know that roe deers aren't quite snow leopards or tigers but I think they need to be helped. Not because they are being hunted for their skin or bones, but because every animal deserves the same chance to survive! THE END
Save the leopards
A zebra sits alone. Only 2000 are left of grevys zebras. This is terrible and the worst part is we caused it. US . By pollucinating and hunting and their habitat loss. All down to us....... .
Naran, kagan, paradize
what the water and animal life mean to me
what the water and animal life mean to me
what the water and animal life mean to me
It makes me want to weep that the WWF has to even deal with the atrocities it has to. I think it is apalling the British government trades with China (along withthe rest of Europe) knowing that they are responsible for the death of Rhinos and Tigers for their horns and bones just to satisfy Chinese fashions and trends. This heartbreaking poaching has to be stopped immediately. If governments refused to trade with countries that either allow poaching or are the recipients of the animals then these countries would suddenly find the will to do something ! All the countries which trade with China and Africa have blood on their hands all the timem this continues.
I am a kid. I want to save animals. I want animals to be set free. So kids like me can experience the outside for example camping. I want kids can go out there and then they write a story like me when i was young me and my dad went fishing.
Well this is a very small property of my Family in the famous rain forest, the Mata Atlantica, in Teresópolis, Rio de Janeiro Brazil. When the portuguese arrived in Brazil in 1500, most of 60 % Brazil,s territory was covered with Mata Atlantica. Nowadays we only have 8,5 % remaining from this rain forest. Goverment has programs that never reach the small owners and at the same time , goverment also lacks of actions in order to keep Parks without being contaminated from the invasion of bamboos, as you can see on the attached photo
Tigers are carnivores in risk of extintion. Their stripes are use for camuflaging into the grass so they've got sucssess in catching. These magnificent big cats are coming to death because the skin get's used as coats,scarfs,bags and etc. Defending these beautiful creatures is one of the most important things because by watching this specie could help us learn more about the Animals and Nature around us, so we can protect well! Their diet is weak or young Gazzells, Zebras and Wild beasts. From Samuel Hodson, 8 years old.
a beautiful sea-beach
the death of the rainforest
How can we not protect this....
Animals worldwide are being killed by us dropping litter. I know that everyone keeps on going about telling you shouldn't drop litter and you end up thinking they are just talking rubbish. But they aren't for example if you drop a plastic it will most the time be taken by the wind or just the rain into rivers ,seas ect... Some animals in that live in the sea and eat jellyfish might take that plastic bag for one of the jellyfish and strangle themselves on it. Let's take an other example imagine you were looking for some when you saw some nice chocolate on the table(this example is for people who like chocolate) you would probably eat it . Well that's in an other point of view what happens to all those poor animals who strangle themselves because of YOU. This is really important because everyone can help with the litter problem! But nobody does.! So don't drop your litter there is no point and you will get fined a lot of money if the police sees you doing that. Just because you were TOO LAZY to go or wait for a bin .
A penguin is a, cute, feathery white and black animal which can swim up to four metres per second and it can dive to incredible of depths up to one hundred metres. The cute penguins live within the Antarctic Circle their habitat is sea ice along the coast. There are approximately two point five million pairs in one hundred and sixty colonies. The climate is changing which means the sea ice is melting because of global temperature. When the sea ice melts it destroys precious nesting grounds and affects food sources which are vital for the penguins such as krill, a tiny shrimp that feeds off algae found under ice sheets. The increase in sea level could flood islands and countries. The penguins may be alive but because they swim we won't be able to see them. Helping these penguins too will mean that we can focus on preserving other animals. If we help the penguins we won’t increase sea level and we can stop horrible global warming. Penguins shouldn't suffer and we shouldn’t either. If we kill penguins we will have to say in the future we killed them all. Killing penguins kills other animals. Penguins are the cutest, warmest and happiest animal you would come across. Save a penguin today. Seeing a penguin enjoy itself is like looking and having tea with the queen. Penguins should be preserved because these cute, white fluffy loving animals are dying. Any animal dying should be continuously cared for until the issue is solved. It is such a wonderful and precious time seeing a penguin enjoy itself. They walk like soldiers in the army. I love penguins so should you so we should preserve this animal. The penguins give birth to beautiful, fluffy, grey, white and black animals. The mother cannot give birth to her little child in water it has to give birth on land. Because of this sea ice problem penguin birth cannot be done. Penguin birth is like a cuddly warm bonfire when the parents huddle up to keep warm. The penguins have to take long journeys to other places. Because the ice is melting some penguins die because the ice is weak and breaks when they walk and they drown because they are under the ice and they cannot swim for long. So please help the penguins so they don’t drown and become extinct.
For the Forests!
What is black and white with a fluffy coat? What is cute and can weigh up to 330 pounds? Of course the mysterious giant panda! Or known as the ailuropoda melanoleuca if you are a scientist or zoologist Giant pandas are a species of bear and are the rarest type. They are unfortunately classed as endangered due to deforestation and farming. Giant pandas used to roam the lowland areas but were pushed up by their green bamboo forests being destroyed. Giant pandas are located in the high cold mountains of western china in the oriental bamboo forests, this is the only place you can see giant pandas in the whole world except for zoos. The only giant pandas in Great Britain are in Scotland, Edinburgh they are called Tian Tian and Yang Guang. Tian Tian and Yang Guang where bought to Scotland in 2011 and have produced twins. Tian Tian is currently pregnant. Giant pandas are excellent climbers and what is amazing is that they are as bulky as a body builder and can still pull up their weight on the tall bamboo trees. Giant pandas can weigh up to 330 pounds! What is more amazing is that when giant pandas are born they are no bigger that a stick of butter. Giant pandas are quite lazy animals, they like to chomp on bamboo and silently creep around. I feel quite sorry for giant pandas because they are endangered. When you look into a pandas eyes on a picture or if you’re lucky enough for real, you know you need to help.
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